Meet Jess, Our Founder


I believe in the power of words. I believe in community. I believe that the simple act of speaking true and kind words into a person gives life. I believe in fighting beside and for others. I believe in love that doesn’t keep score. I believe there are a hundred gifts within a single moment, no matter how plain the day. I believe in the kind of endurance and grace that pours into others in order to watch them illuminate. I believe that when a woman is not on guard, so blissfully unaware of how she appears in a moment of pure joy, simply experiencing life and allowing her true spirit to flow out of her, she is captivatingly beautiful and the world is enthralled with her. I believe every woman is this woman, if only she allows herself to be. And when she has the community to encourage her to be. 


All of this I believe deep in my very being and I pray that other women who believe in all of this too will want to join me here.


This is the heart behind Enthralled!