Let Your Sisters Grieve

You, being you, can save someone’s life.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but watering yourself down does this world no favors. You don’t need to downplay your own joy at the expense of another.

Your heart is so good. Someone near you is hurting, so instead of living in the fullness of your joy you do them a ‘favor’ by withdrawing a bit, taming. We are taught to enter into people’s pain and the best way to do that is to let them know they are not alone in it, right? ‘I feel the pain, too.’

But that’s not always our truth. We are not always feeling the pain that someone else is and to say we are can be damaging. Here’s what is truth: when you live from your most free self, you free up everyone around you to do the same. 

I’m not talking about dismissing lowly emotions and preaching #GOODVIBESONLY in the face of heartache, that’s not what I mean. 

I am talking about using your authenticity and uniquely tailored gifts of love and light to meet them in that place and lift them out of it.... that’s what a sister in pain needs. She’ll walk through the pain to learn, grow, transform, and transcend out of it into another degree of glory. She will her rise and we will celebrate!

Sisters dearest, often the most important thing we can do for a friend is not speak, not fix, not dull our own happiness, but come along side. Just stay simply in the story. Stay right there.