Fear Won't Own Me.

What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of showing weakness. I’m afraid of failing. I’m afraid of showing vulnerability only to be crushed, betrayed, or abandoned. I’m afraid of the withdrawal of trust and openness that will cost me. 

I say all this firstly, so you know you’re not alone in your deepest fears and secondly because I’ve learned that speaking my fears, bringing them out into the light dissipates their power to keep me isolated in the dark. I, like you, have my fears. Sometimes they follow me around, but they will never own me. When I know that my fears sound like ‘you are not good enough,’ ‘you will end up hurt,’ ‘everyone will find out who you really are and they’ll leave,’ etc., they cannot terrify me anymore.

I encourage you my friend when you feel afraid, take a look at what lies underneath. Call it out into the light. Say thank you for teaching me what is worth knowing. You can own your fears so that they do not own you. You, sweet one, were made for a free life.