A Lifelong Adventure

Enthralled (adj.): filled with wonder and delight; captivated
Wildflowers that grow in dead places. Do you see it? Dad, whistling and singing throughout the house. Do you hear it? The anticipation of giving a really good gift. Do you feel it? Sun beams cutting through backyard trees. A bird that lands close enough to see the colors of its back. Visible moon in the light of day. Neighbors helping neighbors. The smell of bacon coming down the stairs in the morning. Lullaby of a rain shower through open bedroom window. First sound of my niece laughing. Dog kisses. The homeyness of an old friend. Singing and dancing in the shower. Family dinners. The crackle of a fire. Handwritten notes.
I don’t know about you but I find it exhausting, wishing I was somewhere or someone else, wishing I was dealt a different hand.
I am on a lifelong adventure of finding the goodness and beauty right where my feet are. I am committed to bending low and picking back up the glasses of childlike wonder, every time I drop them and forget. (Which is often, btw). It takes work, but this promise for more, it’s so worth hoping for. You just have to be willing to look.